Micro Camera

Imagine a micro camera is attached somewhere on your clothing, without your knowledge of it. What would the camera see in the day or so of your life it witnessed.

I’m afraid this camera may go into sleep mode or coma mode unfortunately. Long periods of stillness, no change in shift or scenery. Slow turns and rotations here and there, but it would not ‘capture’ anything for the act of capturing requires the subject to be moving. You probably could get the same footage if you hooked the little camera onto The Blob.

I think, in the morning, it would see objects moving at their slowest, there would be much dragging that might resemble a slow death. It will see the subject, Jen, face herself for the first time that day in the mirror above the sink and you might fear for her life since she looks on the verge of death.

The imagery won’t really get any more into focus than that, I’m sorry to bear the news. Shakey and wobbily, it will enter a center full of more dead people who walk just as shakey and wobbily so as to match. Grumpy work faces will turn to other work faces, causing them to become grumpy and you’ll catch the domino affect that seems to happen there on the regular! Then for the remainder of the shift you weren’t invited on: slice slice meat, bag meat, give meat, slice slice, almost got the hand, repeat, slice slice, clean slicer. Or it’s: spoon spoon, mac and cheese on the shoe, spoon spoon, cole slaw on the shoe, spoon spoon, repeat, repeat. You will soon get the rhythm, and you probably won’t like it much.

How about this? How about I take a momentary hault and run out and have a nice day, then I will have something to write about. It is harder than I thought, writing about nothing. Well, on that note, you could call this Nihilism in Action.

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Sword in the Stone..From the City


Alright, this post will be one of deep analysis; it will dive deeper into the human psyche than I have ever thought one could go. The prompt? Somebody stops you in the middle of a crowded city sidewalk, to hand you a sword. What are you going to do?

This prompt is trying to trip me up somehow, isn’t it? Well, I’m putting some thought into it anyway and the first and foremost thing one should probably do is bow, right? I mean sword=bow, it’s just the way the world works. You see someone with a sword, and I think I’d want to rely on the ancient customs, alright the one’s you see onscreen, but they’d be the only one’s I’d know to do. Yeah, just give a little bow, hope that they’d reciprocate. Then, well, I’d accept my duty as the wielder of the sword. This person is giving it to me after all, and to wield I’m thinking is the reason.

Wait, this is in a city? On the sidewalk none-the-less? Well, I suppose it could have been worse. This mysterious sword barrer could have caught up to me while I was trying to rumage for exact bus fair or perhaps before I was going to enter the ladies room. Oh dear, I could have finally gotten to the front of the hotd0g stand’s line, and then the fellow finds me then. So, I suppose this is one of the better crazy scenarios I’m dealing with here.

Alright, I’ve got the sword, respect the customs, accept my new position as defender of some unknown thing. Maybe I’d try to get a free hotdog, I mean what are they going to do? I’ve got a sword. Then I’d probably, I don’t know, skip work for a few days. I mean, I’ve got a sword. So I’d probably be expected to do something righteous now that I’ve got this sword, maybe I’d put up an add in Craigslist. Yeah, I’d post as the Knight of the RoundTable. The one Lone Knight, even Arthur would envy this position of undefiable greatness. Yeahhh. Try to get some missions under my belt, maybe become a super hero of some sort. Hopefully they wouldn’t take down my ad since the idea is a bit on the different side, but it is, indeed, noble my friend.

This all seems like a lot of responsibility, now that I think about it. I kind of hope I never get handed a sword someday on a city street somewhere..but at least I have a brilliantly noble and fool-proof plan for it.

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Pertaining to Cinderella..

Well, once again, prompt writer, you have thought up a real gem! A real GEM! Prompt: Should Cinderella have married Prince Charming and become a typical house wife, or should she have done more in gaining a career with her singing talent?

What a question. I just tried to look up the exact tale in which she becomes the typical housewife, for there are many, and couldn’t quite find that one. There was a tale named “Mariang Alimango” (Mary the Crab) from the Philippines where apparently the mother was killed and was turned into a fairy godmother crab and… what we were trying to discuss here? Ah, well, I think the version you were referring to was the aftermath of the Walt Disney movie? The Untold Boring Life of the House Wife Cinderella? Yeah, didn’t make it to the big screen since the directors fell asleep trying to direct it.

Well, yes, I think maybe Cinderella could have made a pretty good album or two if she had tried. Probably something pop-ish maybe? Cindy and the Mice? I can see the headliner now: Cindy bops to the beat, and the Mice eat the profit. Maybe she’d go solo, on second thought.

You’d think Cinderella would’ve wanted to do more in the way of Women’s Lib. She did, after all, experience the lording of men first hand. Granted, there really weren’t any men involved with that but we all know there should have been. The painstaking, back breaking abuse of women during her time was all too common. And she came out alive! Many women don’t get the chance to tell that tale of freedom. And here she is, wiping dishes in a castle somewhere, cleaning up after lazy Mr. Charmy Pants while she could be stretching her vocals in some highly-populated venue out in Hollywood. Well kids, break your back, jump a pumpkin, do some artfull lying, bang a prince, and come full circle slaving away for your damn mother-in-law. That’s the Cinderella Way kids. Remember, never reach for your own dreams, always get into a relationship with some dude who thinks he’s all that because, after all you aren’t worth it!

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Best Person Ever: Prompt Something-Or-Other

Today’s prompt obviously written with the utmost sincerity, love, and devotion, not to mention the wisdom of a millenia’s worth of unborn baby Jesus’: I am looking for the best person in the world!!!!! (note the prompt writer’s utter enthusiasm) Tell me, why should I pick you? Win me over!

First of all prompt writer, I do not need to answer any meezly little question of any mortal’s, for I AM the greatest person in the world. I have blood lines running directly to the Gods. But I will tell you why, ony because, I was just getting ready to put these reasons in a song about myself. The people of the world need motivation to live after all, don’t they? (See where I rightly questioned YOU, mortal, right there?)

-I am too good to use the numerical system thought up by lesser beings…and my perfect fingers tire of typing such unneeded things) therefore I use dashes. Dashes are superior, they were invented by myself.

-I make mistakes when necessary, to save lesser mortals from adding any more faults onto their already mile-high heap.

-I am the wind.

-I am your wings and also the wind beneath them.

-I am the T to your titter, and the F to your fritter, and I do not whither hither in all your titters and fritters

-I am the only being to understand such sacred text as the previous statement.

I am afraid this list is ever ongoing so I cannot even begin to capture the essence of myself so as to begin to answer a question which is pretty obscene in it’s ignorance. My greatness has been taught in text books. Look me up.

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Idol: Prompt (its hard to know what number)

Ah, I guess I’ll just blurt it out: Who is your idol and why?

Goddamnit. I don’t have a clue. Is that normal, to not have a clue? Maybe perhaps, I don’t trust people as well as I should. Or maybe I don’t trust them as well as I trust myself, which is scary. Maybe humans weren’t meant to be idols. Maybe that’s why: humans are so changeable and vague in themselves that it’s tough to appoint them any specific character. (I’m sorry I’m dissecting this too much again) In order to have an idol, one would need to attatch themselves to this metaphorical train that could take them to god knows where, and in time, who knows if they really want to be god knows where? An Idol Is For Life. That should be a slogan. Pick Your Idols Wisely. I did like the show American Idols though…

Alright, I’ll tell ya what. I always loved Ben Kanobi. The problem is, he’s not a human. So if movie characters were also what you had in mind, then that is my answer. One of the main reasons being, he was indeed a character and his character only lasted a few hours out of my life. Just enough time to make me want to be him, but not enough to have to see his “dark side” if you catch my drift. So Obi Wan Kanobi: a wise man in his middle ages, donning a cool brown cloak, MIND POWERS for christs sake, leaderless. Yeah, my kind of guy.  He never pushed or poked, he never really made anyone think the way he wanted them to, he was basically the man. He probably wouldn’t want to be anyones idol either, which is rad in itself. I can only speculate about that though. God, Luke didn’t even appreciate. Oh well, Ben is so amazing that he probably knew that already and didn’t mind because he could care less about admiration. What a Guy. What a fake character-who-got-paid-a-good-chunk-of-moola-to-be-that-fake-character kinda guy. All I can say is Hot Damn, I take my idol worship very seriously.

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Space Bubble: Prompt 6

You are floating in a bubble in space… how the fuck did that happen?

First off, before I tell this story, let me just ask YOU a question. What has happened to humanity/alienanity, isn’t there any justice in the universe? I have to tell you, I’ve bumped into more than a fair share of RUDE aliens (of course they prefer to be called Moose-toids, but that’s neither here nor there), they won’t give me the time of day.

Anyway, back to the question: how the hell did I get to be in this bubble, traveling through space? Why do you wonder anyway? Do you have nothing better to do with your time? Are you jeolous that I’m here, doing this? Are you relieved that I’m far away from you and your home planet?

Let me tell you a little something about me. From the age of 3, I was pick pocketing, mobbing, robbing, mastermining the underpinnings of our oppressors, namely the police. OK, I may or may not have been 3. But I was little, little enough to just miss the range of a baton. I had a family and they loved me but I ran away from them. They were a structure, they were trying to turn me into their machine thing. The years taught me to find the unexpected thing in any given situation, and do it. I owned situations. I wandered the world but nowhere could I find The Difference. The one thing that would challenge me. But you don’t want to hear this, do ya? All I’m saying is, I didn’t fit in on your world. I had fun while I was there, hastling who I could, but I over stayed my welcome. People don’t want to leave their spot in the machine, so they certainly don’t want to be pointed the way out.

It’s simple really, if you wanted to hear the straight answer. I don’t know why no one tried this before. But what I did was, collect a bottle of Kid’s Bubbles a day for 5 years. Then I built probably the world’s largest bubble machine and got to work, well..blowing bubbles. I started off blowing the initial bubble about 9 feet in radius. Then I froze the bubble. Then I poured gorrila glue goop onto it while frozen. This hardened to a rock-like substance. I then inserted a pipe approximately 4 feet round into the bubble. Bubble upon bubble I blew around the first. Gorrilla glue layer after gorilla glue layer. The pipe was there for the door, the internal workings of the creation. It was taken out and I had The Bubble. My,now, home base. Then I just floated away on a strong up-gail. Simple really.

Why didn’t I just rent a freaking space shuttle you ask? Well, a giant bubble is cheaper, my friend.

I read a book once. I was stuck up in some make shift shack in Saudi Arabia and a man wandered in. He wasn’t mental and he wasn’t hostile. He looked me in the eye and layed down that book. I remember the way he stared directly into my eyes like he was charming some snake. I was a snake of a man then, I guess, and I think I still may be. Anyhow, he left. On the very last page of the book was a picture of a lad in a bubble. He was smiling, so how could I pass that up?

I float and figure and float and figure. And I float some more. It’s not a bad exsistance really, I’m hoping to enter Saturns orbit in a few months. One thing they don’t tell you in school, bubbles travel faster than space crafts. Yeah, bet ya didn’t know that.

Well, it’s been real nice explaining something that really didn’t need any explaining. Maybe you’ll make your own bubble some day. But I’ve got to get a move on, I’ve got a brain to disengage and a bubble to keep from bursting.

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Lingerie?: Prompt 5

This prompt makes me uneasy. It makes me uneasy because ‘lingerie’ is such a hard word to spell.

Inappropriate prompt to be appropriately answered: Write a poem about lingerie.

Lingerie is one of the oddest words,

perhaps one of the oddest I’ve ever observed.

not that it sounds all that odd, of that I’m sure

but when my mind tries to spell it, its all a blur.

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Enjoyment: Prompt 5

Write about what you most enjoy. What is it and why?

Ah, what do I most enjoy. I’m thinking I should keep it at the pg level since, well, this is a blog for prompts. It’s sort of a tough call. In the time of a whole life, things move around and become fluid, waxing and waning, moving this way and that. So do my enjoyments. Right now in life though, I can safely say that I very much enjoy getting at the heart of things. Discovering the huge spectrum of ways in which something exists. Ah, how dramatic sounding. It isn’t all that dramatic really. I just want to find the truth to everything. I want to find it in the thing I know most, the feelings. It doesn’t really sound like much fun, and I guess that assessment is correct. But it’s the only activity I have found that really means something to me. I feel like I am alive when it happens. And …yup, I’m fast discovering the feeling to this post..boring! Boredom must be abolished! It must be dragged out from the deepest caves in which it feeds, and it must be brought to the highest mountain to promptly be given a little shove. But that takes too much effort for me right now, I’ll just end my post here instead.

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Mark Twain Quote: Prompt 5

“Few things are harder to put up with than the annoyance of a good example.” Mark Twain

True or False. Explain.

Well, prompt writer, we are dealing with Mark Twain here so I’m going to have to automatically say True. But to get more into the answering part of the prompt, which is why I’m here, I can go into a bit better detail, I’m thinking. Or atleast my bullshit can.

No one in this world enjoys being proven wrong. Over the years of your life, you go through things you never imagined you would. You feel things you wish you never had to and you do things you hope to god you’ll never ever have to do again. You were thrown into this journey but you do what you can, what you ultimately feel is the best thing you coukd do and you go all in with that something. It seems like no one is there to give advice when you are all alone in your thoughts, racking your brains out trying to figure what the best thing is. But most of the time, what we want to do is a world away from what we must do. And so we make the wrong decision… of course. And then, my friend, who is right there by your side, right where they should have been BEFORE you made that decision? Why, someone who took the other road with your same problem and came out the way you wish you had. It’s pretty annoying, friend, it’s pretty annoying.

But of course, wandering into an open hornets nest is pretty annoying too. Oh, and maybe washing your whites with that one dumb red.

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Love at First Sight Vs. Love After Some Time: Prompt 4

These prompts are getting more and more difficult. Here it is, a Tuesday evening with some nice rain, and you are expecting me to think?! About LOVE, none the less! What do you take me for, some deeply romantic person who knows these things?!!!!!!!

Today’s prompt to be answered against the answerer’s will: Love at first site vs. love after dating for some time. Pick one. What is better and why?

Well, I suppose it all depends on the many things which make the .. experience? How well these things come together and react to one another and so on. Take love at first sight. Despite the lack of time, there were many different connections the mind had to go through to suddenly know that this person was the one. The body has to go through billions of chemical changes I’m thinking also? And this is all unseen to the poor bloke being smitten. 0 to 1,000,000 in a mere glance. I guess one could argue that, in fact, the bloke has nothing really to do with this process. That the universe has sole responsibility and it has just used this bloke as its pawn (the poor bloke, he/she doesn’t even know). You didn’t know that by getting a hard-on from Judy, you were playing into some master plan dealing in stars, time evolution, string theory and the oneness that resides in each molecule of existance itself, did ya? And non-existance, your hard-on is being egged on by non-existance. Or maybe you did know that. This is the kind of love that is dramatic enough to get its own philosophies and stories. The greatest philosophers and poets were all blokes, you know.

Alright, but take love after some time. It is that love that is ‘unbreakable’. Time is a test apparently, and your love has grown strong enough to withstand it. This kind of love maybe looks like a willow tree, all of its roots are thick and buried so deep, you wonder if they’re heading for the center of the earth. You and your parter are now in tune with each other. It is said that you just know what the other is thinking, and no wonder, their body cycles are interacting with yours. Your existance mingles with theirs in the heart rate, brain activity, body movements. So this is the drawn out form of love at first sight. Because it is love that is the ultimate destination, yes? And this love is always the same.

I do think that maybe people misuse the word love a lot. I know I have. Probably because love is such a mind blowing thing that everyone wants to have it. Everyone wants love so they perfect this little tool called ‘infatuation’ which, if used right, can make something to look very much like love. It’s not really a bad thing though, I mean, who is to say infatuation couldn’t lead to love? But it certainly is not love. A lot of times love at first sight gets mixed up with infatuation, more so than its counterpart love after some time. The intensity of the first moment of love, forming out of nothing, is what does it I’m thinking.

I’m beginning to see this comparison as a picture. It’s kind of like love is everything, it saturates every thing like the sunlight. It’s all over this one big mass. And the ‘at first sight’ is a little arm spewing from the light while ‘after some time’ is just another arm. They look different because they were pulled out differntly but they are made of the same stuff. I’m not sure where to bring my brain after that. If it’s all made of the same stuff, which one is better? Sorry, prompt maker, I’ve got nothin’. But perhaps I’ll come back to this one..it’s a bit interesting..and this post needs some cleaning up.

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