JAWS Again..Again JAWS

I’m a little confused on the name Jaws, was that the name of the shark in the movie or just the name of the movie? Make it nice and simple, easy to remember? JAWS. More immediate in caps. So, where was this story heading? …

Freddy could not studder. He could not slur. If he could open his mouth at all, the vomit would have come out into a cloud in this nice, cold ocean blue. Maybe it would scare the sting ray-apparently named Ray, how original- and have him believe some voodoo was going on with the green poofing and what not. But, no, probably not. So Freddy remained feeling smaller than he ever had, swaying in front of this old, washed-up creature. And the creature laughed. And he laughed. And laughed.

Laughing was something Ray was known for. These laughs would get in, crawl all around your spine, and sit heavy in your chest, a sense of respect forming like an after taste.  Hanging out in dark waters with the roughest of the ruffians, teaching them vitally important death techniques you could not pay to learn, was a little something else he was notorious for. He would bark and jab, using only his flat wings and stinger to demonstrate. But the lessons would sink in for he was graceful and tactful, and his words could paint huge pictures any sea animal could interact with.  He led no gang but gangs wanted him; what they couldn’t make up their minds about was why they wanted him. To kill him for physically enhancing their enemies or to lead their own gangs so they could kill those enemies. This was not an easy or even purposeful way of living but Ray loved it, loved it with every ounce of his very small, rubber-like being. He didn’t necessarily care about results, he had no goals or aspirations, he just had a very loud voice coming from his gut that he had become quite friendly with. Mix in a subtle boredom of all living things and you’ve got Ray.

But in the past few months Ray the Stingray had noticed and  become curious of a certain mild-mannered, phenomenon of the deep. He was curious in the way Freddy defied who he was destined to be. The defiance was involuntary! With so much violence in the waters, so much hatred filtered through hierarchies, so many goddamned bullies, how did this exist? The Great White is the chosen king of the sea, isn’t he? Row upon row of razor sharp teeth just for backup, growth allowed to keep going until hitting the 20 ft mark, weight cashing in around 2, 500 lbs. These things were built to kill. Rip, gnaw, slash, blood, death..death..death: these words commanded the Great White psyche. Growing up meant embodying, becoming these words. And sting rays were meant to be eaten by them, actually. Oh, very much so. A mere midnight munch. But as Ray noticed the trek Freddy made to school every day and back from his favorite stool in the King Crab Bar, a slow sense of fascination was stirring. A feeling of interest, so foriegn was this feel that Ray didn’t acknowledge it. He started to think of the kid in terms of a project. What could ‘it’ do for him? What was he going to do with him, such a seemingly lost cause. And what he really, really didn’t want to aknowledge was the fact that this kid very much reminded him of, well, himself when he was his age. In total honesty, Freddy was exactly like Ray when he was younger. Those years were locked away and given a sort of amnesia treatment, so Ray was for the most part unable to pinpoint the real reason why he needed to talk to this kid. Train him in the least.

“Kid, there’s one thing in this world you gotta know. You gotta know you, and you don’t know you at all. Do me a small favor and listen to me kid. I want you to listen to all I have to tell you in the next coupl’a months. And it’s not gonna be much, so you only listen once, you hear me? You got a probelm, you ask me about it, ok? You ask me about it, I’ll fix it, you don’t ask me ever again. Son, I’ve heard about you. I know that right now you’re nothing, and I know that I’m gonna fix that. If you’ll listen.”

Freddy stared for a bit. He thought for a bit. Not many thoughts, but they were racing at high death speeds he hadn’t known they could reach. He was scared, not cocky like most kids his age. Charlie would’ve eaten this sting ray by now, one of Freddies thoughts had declared. And what would the kids think if they saw this conversation? They would have their jokes cut out for them for the next few years, that was for sure. Freddy, peeing himself over a tiny sting ray hovering like a small speck above his snout. But they didn’t know! The look of murder that was in that stingrays eyes. The old, scratchy, but booming all the same, voice he let out at Freddy. He felt like he was about to make a deal with the devil.


“Alright, do me a favor and skip school for today. We’ll figure something out tomorrow. ” While Freddy followed, somehow, somewhere, maybe it was in his soul? He began to feel right about this. He was starting to feel somehow that this was a good thing. Shaking and quivering was what he was still doing. But, there was a rightness to it. And as Ray led, somewhere inside where there used to be a small patch of anger and hate, so vile and rotting for so long, it was now becoming a little faint. Almost as if it wanted to leave. Ray didn’t feel it of course, but it was something anyway.

And so there was much teaching.


Ok, this story is going somewhere. It’s just going there in snippits. But it will be done soon!


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Illustrator based out of Plymouth, Ma.
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6 Responses to JAWS Again..Again JAWS

  1. laavventura says:

    The movie JAWS freaked me out as a kid! Great post(s), I like the voice. And thank you for stopping by my blog and commenting, I appreciate it greatly! It’s good to know what others think about my writing.

    • Jen says:

      Hey there! And yes! It’s a pretty freaky movie, scarred too many people for life. And also, no problem and likewise. You’ve got a lot of energy to your writing and it feels so honest, I like it a lot! Reminds me of a good friend I used to have a while ago.

  2. Lummoxie says:

    I love the word “voodoo”.

  3. huge says:

    “We’re going to need a bigger boat.” JAWS is one of my favourite films of all time but your shark story would probably make a much better film. It’s turning out to be like the Karate Kid but underwater and with more teeth. Classic.

    • Jen says:

      Aw, thanks for keeping up with my story huge! You’re an awesome motivator! ..even though the story is getting a little stale but I’m liking the sound of this new Karate Kid look, I need some more Mr. Miyagi

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