Dramatic Death

Alright, yes, I know. I just started some weird shark story and I’m totally procrastinating finishing it….but the ending has not yet come to me and so I’m-a-gonna just write some crap about something else. Sorry prompt writer, I’m sort of letting you down. Although I haven’t seen you in these parts for quite some time so you probably won’t mind…

Prompt: You are dying a really dramatic death. What are you going to say, to whom?

Wooow, nice job prompting. Very nice, very nice indeed. But why must I think on my own death? It’s very sunny out today, it doesn’t seem like a death day.

“Good god…good GOD! I think I’m dying! No! I’m not thinking it now, I just am dying! Oh the horror of an unlived life! I can feel it now! MY LIFE IS FLASHING BEFORE MY EYES. So much flashing, so..much…flashing. Yes! I feel my soul, I think it’s starting to leave my body! Come back, soul! Oh the injustice, it should not have been, nor should it ever be this dreadful! Oh, icecream man, grant the last wish of this lady you see before you, as the remnants of a brilliant soul cling to this body! Let me rest easy in these moments near the end and get me one of those strawberry icecream bars, the ones dipped in nuts. And dear, as my breath is beginning to fail me I say unto you, let me leave this world with the same amount of change in my pocket that I have come to you with! Oh icecream man! It began, and now it is done, this life of mine. And I leave you now.” And yeah, I’ll make sure to kinda slump over, grab at my heart, fall to my knees. I’ll fall face up! And I’ll shut my own damn eyes so you don’t have to. And while we’re waiting, I’ll finish my icecream bar..but I’ll keep my eyes shut just in case! Aw, and then after I finish the icecream I’ll let my tongue fall out of my mouth like in the old movies! Haven’t seen that maneuver in so long!

Thanks Prompt Writer. You have opened my eyes yet again…


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4 Responses to Dramatic Death

  1. huge says:

    I love this post but it was missing something…. Sharks. It was missing sharks. Finish the darn shark story and tell us what happens to Freddy. I pity him – nay, care for him – but he needs to eat someone and make his mummy proud.

  2. Jen says:

    Thanks for the reply huge, and thanks for coming back to nag me! :). You’re right though. I’ll be getting on that shortly…you’d think after reading your ‘finishing’ post I’d try and ..finish.. something.

  3. -k says:

    Heh, thank you for That! It was sufficiently dramatic. XD

    • Jen says:

      HAHA “sufficiently”??! Hey I put so much drama in there I almost puked while writing it. You, on the other hand, don’t have enough drama *cough or anything cough* on your bloglet

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