Prompt ‘Oh My God, It’s Prompt Time’

First off, I have to give a ton of credit to the author of this prompt. It should be stated and noted that the wonder, verve, and creativity herein was caused by the phenomenon of this prompt writer’s brain. Unfortunately, the writer is hidden and mysterious, like the Phantom of the opera.

Prompt: You are this red marker. Why did you just stain my finger?

This prompt just speaks to me. Just speaks so many wonderful things. It’s philosophical slant causes the reader to undergo serious meditations on who they really are. And how they contribute to this universe. In a world so full of brutality and confusion its no small feat to come to a conclusion concerning who you are!

I am this red marker. Alright, in all the colors, you had to pick red? If it was green, I’d know why I stained your finger. Blue, oh yeah! Purple, c’mon!!! It’s the staining champ! But red. Red? It’s the color of apples and I don’t see apples as having any evil intent. The lead color in the rainbow. The opening act to a lovely show. It’s the color of Little Red Riding Hood’s …hood.  There’s no way that girl could choose an angry color! Actually, I forget what she was like but you get the drift.

I am having a crisis. I am experiencing contradictions.

On the other hand, you’ve got the red material the matadors use to piss off the bulls. You’ve got red tomatoes thrown at failing performances. And you’ve got red, bloody murder!! You see red when you are just so angry you could tear someones head off which, in turn, creates a red flush in your face, causing people to point and laugh only making you more red…and, depending on your temperment, causes a fist fight, ending in probably the spill of even more red all over your face.

Red is angry. If I’m red, then I’ve been pissed since the day that ray of light decided to bounce off that prism and make me. And then they had the nerve to throw me into a marker. I could have been anything but I came out a piece o’ plastic! I had no other choice than to stain you. It was my destiny. And so it was yours. What a terrible twist of fate that brought our paths together on that day.



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