Prompt No Number

Alright, this is a bit of a dismal prompt, I gotta say. But what’s written’s gotta get answered…

Prompt: Somebody’s got their finger on the button that ends the world. What are you going to say?

“Well there buddy, looks like you got the winning ticket.”

“Who the hell are you and your connections that you can get a piece of equipment that can blow the world? Damn!”

“Wanna kinda kindly remove that finger yonder?”

“Deviate from thy deceitful plan!”


Yeah, I think it’d probably be the last one. Or maybe this one:

“SHIT.” I think that fully captured the intensity of the moment. What a sick and twisted prompt! What a horribly disgusting thing to plan for! I feel like Spock when the Romulans destroyed his home planet…except no! I’m going to die too! How despicable.

Onto the next prompt.


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One Response to Prompt No Number

  1. Hey hey you you says:

    I shan’t deviate from thy’st deceitful plan! I shall proceed till the deed be done, and I have not another being to scorn upon.

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