Micro Camera

Imagine a micro camera is attached somewhere on your clothing, without your knowledge of it. What would the camera see in the day or so of your life it witnessed.

I’m afraid this camera may go into sleep mode or coma mode unfortunately. Long periods of stillness, no change in shift or scenery. Slow turns and rotations here and there, but it would not ‘capture’ anything for the act of capturing requires the subject to be moving. You probably could get the same footage if you hooked the little camera onto The Blob.

I think, in the morning, it would see objects moving at their slowest, there would be much dragging that might resemble a slow death. It will see the subject, Jen, face herself for the first time that day in the mirror above the sink and you might fear for her life since she looks on the verge of death.

The imagery won’t really get any more into focus than that, I’m sorry to bear the news. Shakey and wobbily, it will enter a center full of more dead people who walk just as shakey and wobbily so as to match. Grumpy work faces will turn to other work faces, causing them to become grumpy and you’ll catch the domino affect that seems to happen there on the regular! Then for the remainder of the shift you weren’t invited on: slice slice meat, bag meat, give meat, slice slice, almost got the hand, repeat, slice slice, clean slicer. Or it’s: spoon spoon, mac and cheese on the shoe, spoon spoon, cole slaw on the shoe, spoon spoon, repeat, repeat. You will soon get the rhythm, and you probably won’t like it much.

How about this? How about I take a momentary hault and run out and have a nice day, then I will have something to write about. It is harder than I thought, writing about nothing. Well, on that note, you could call this Nihilism in Action.


About Jen

Illustrator based out of Plymouth, Ma.
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