Sword in the Stone..From the City


Alright, this post will be one of deep analysis; it will dive deeper into the human psyche than I have ever thought one could go. The prompt? Somebody stops you in the middle of a crowded city sidewalk, to hand you a sword. What are you going to do?

This prompt is trying to trip me up somehow, isn’t it? Well, I’m putting some thought into it anyway and the first and foremost thing one should probably do is bow, right? I mean sword=bow, it’s just the way the world works. You see someone with a sword, and I think I’d want to rely on the ancient customs, alright the one’s you see onscreen, but they’d be the only one’s I’d know to do. Yeah, just give a little bow, hope that they’d reciprocate. Then, well, I’d accept my duty as the wielder of the sword. This person is giving it to me after all, and to wield I’m thinking is the reason.

Wait, this is in a city? On the sidewalk none-the-less? Well, I suppose it could have been worse. This mysterious sword barrer could have caught up to me while I was trying to rumage for exact bus fair or perhaps before I was going to enter the ladies room. Oh dear, I could have finally gotten to the front of the hotd0g stand’s line, and then the fellow finds me then. So, I suppose this is one of the better crazy scenarios I’m dealing with here.

Alright, I’ve got the sword, respect the customs, accept my new position as defender of some unknown thing. Maybe I’d try to get a free hotdog, I mean what are they going to do? I’ve got a sword. Then I’d probably, I don’t know, skip work for a few days. I mean, I’ve got a sword. So I’d probably be expected to do something righteous now that I’ve got this sword, maybe I’d put up an add in Craigslist. Yeah, I’d post as the Knight of the RoundTable. The one Lone Knight, even Arthur would envy this position of undefiable greatness. Yeahhh. Try to get some missions under my belt, maybe become a super hero of some sort. Hopefully they wouldn’t take down my ad since the idea is a bit on the different side, but it is, indeed, noble my friend.

This all seems like a lot of responsibility, now that I think about it. I kind of hope I never get handed a sword someday on a city street somewhere..but at least I have a brilliantly noble and fool-proof plan for it.


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Illustrator based out of Plymouth, Ma.
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One Response to Sword in the Stone..From the City

  1. “I mean sword=bow” Hahahaha…

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