Pertaining to Cinderella..

Well, once again, prompt writer, you have thought up a real gem! A real GEM! Prompt: Should Cinderella have married Prince Charming and become a typical house wife, or should she have done more in gaining a career with her singing talent?

What a question. I just tried to look up the exact tale in which she becomes the typical housewife, for there are many, and couldn’t quite find that one. There was a tale named “Mariang Alimango” (Mary the Crab) from the Philippines where apparently the mother was killed and was turned into a fairy godmother crab and… what we were trying to discuss here? Ah, well, I think the version you were referring to was the aftermath of the Walt Disney movie? The Untold Boring Life of the House Wife Cinderella? Yeah, didn’t make it to the big screen since the directors fell asleep trying to direct it.

Well, yes, I think maybe Cinderella could have made a pretty good album or two if she had tried. Probably something pop-ish maybe? Cindy and the Mice? I can see the headliner now: Cindy bops to the beat, and the Mice eat the profit. Maybe she’d go solo, on second thought.

You’d think Cinderella would’ve wanted to do more in the way of Women’s Lib. She did, after all, experience the lording of men first hand. Granted, there really weren’t any men involved with that but we all know there should have been. The painstaking, back breaking abuse of women during her time was all too common. And she came out alive! Many women don’t get the chance to tell that tale of freedom. And here she is, wiping dishes in a castle somewhere, cleaning up after lazy Mr. Charmy Pants while she could be stretching her vocals in some highly-populated venue out in Hollywood. Well kids, break your back, jump a pumpkin, do some artfull lying, bang a prince, and come full circle slaving away for your damn mother-in-law. That’s the Cinderella Way kids. Remember, never reach for your own dreams, always get into a relationship with some dude who thinks he’s all that because, after all you aren’t worth it!


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