Yarn Ball Series

My Yarn Ball Series is a collection of fictional animal portraits set in a dreamscape reality. Through blended media in color pencil and ink, my animals sit in contentment, wrapped in half-finished…

Source: Yarn Ball Series

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Yarn Ball Series

Visit the post for more.

Source: Yarn Ball Series

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JAWS Prompt Redux

This prompt is a dirty trick, I tell ya. Took me years to get back to it but it desperately needs to be finished goddamnit, so with out further delay (and since today is boring as hell), here is another snippet or snoppet:

“Mom, I don’t want to go to school today.” It was Tuesday morning and Freddie had managed one fin slipper on, the other was in his left hand and he stared down at it as he talked. His mother was making fried rubber tire with a side of drift wood, a recipe that had been passed down through the generations of her shark family. It was a rather fine recipe but Freddie often had the sneaking suspicion it had fallen into his mother’s fins through the nasty Elders who he was sure had it out for him. He did not like this dish and he did not like school, and life in general was starting to get to him.

“Freddie, I want you to do well. I want you to succeed. You need to go to school dear. I’m going to go into work late and we’ll go in together and you can tell me what’s bothering you. How does that sound?” Freddie loved his mother. She truly wanted him to succeed and he knew that, but the older he felt himself getting, the less he knew how to manage his facade. Kid, you gotta know you when no one else will, ’cause ole Ray’ll tell ya, no one gives two flipping sea crustaceans who the hell you are. Freddie’s stingy teacher suddenly popped in his head, though still alarmed when thinking of him, he tried desperately to understand his many strange sayings.

“It’s OK, I’ll go on my own. There’s this new patch of coral reef forming outside the school I was gonna check out anyway.” Freddie slipped on his other fin slipper and shimmied out the door. He rounded some corners and almost got caught in a group of dolphin wrestling. The dolphins didn’t even notice Freddie, he was of no threat, so he did not register on their matter-o-meter. Freddie wished his shark peers had a matter-o-meter that he could not matter on. After some weeks of training, Ray had let up a little. He had gotten into some pretty dangerous shenanigans with some beady-eyed hit men lobsters and one close call with a fishing boat, so he was slowing slipping MIA. This meant Freddie had to face Charlie and Jan and Johnny all on his lonesome, which depressed him.

He swam through the dolphins and went to feed on some ocean grass beside a sunken ship. No school today, this Tuesday was strictly Happy-go-Lucky day for Freddie. He grazed in bliss for an hour and got it in his mind to check out this sunken ship. He heard stories of mermaids inhabiting these things, and though the sources of the telling were noting the best delicacies of the sea, Freddie wanted only to talk with the mermaids. They were mystical things and they were interesting and all he wanted was to escape into stories and far away dreamlands these sea beings were known to tell.

His snout entered the darkness first, then his gills were blasted by the icy shadowed water, and then his fins felt the last of the open sea. Freddie never felt a darkness this intense and he began to wonder why he wanted to enter in the first place. Further into the ship, he lost track of direction. The shark did not know it but this had been a luxury liner, sunk nearly a decade prior and it was the longest in length in the company’s history of luxury liners. This was the modern day Titanic. It had been a tragic sinking, lead by a drunken captain who’s wife had filed for divorce the day before and who had no real logical right to be behind the ship’s wheel, but had drunkenly steered anyway, steered right into the heart of a small storm which could have been avoided with proper foresight. Years after the capsize, some strange happenings were beginning to occur between certain animal groups in the massive depths of the ships. Mermaids did indeed try to scavenge for treasure at times, but some eery feeling usually scared them away before a find. Something was amiss….


all for now folks, I shall resume in some at a later date

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Story Blah with a Twist of Jaws Prompt

This was new. Freddy felt it most as he was drifting in water at night, his mother, the head of the shark academy, just a few corals over. Ray was teaching Freddy to be a somebody. The little while Freddy had been attending the academy, he had only succeeded in learning the opposite, that he would always be a nobody. A Great White, was he becoming that? The creature that was him in blood of course but not thought. Ray was not teaching him to crave, necessarily, no. He was teaching how to put on a shark show. How to act out a craving that wasn’t there yet.

It had been months since that fateful day in which Freddy had accepted Ray’s request. Ray had started him on a regimen. He had begun one day on the ocean floor, dashing and dancing, urging Freddy to follow. The old stingray would spin and wriggle, slip into a sort of trancelike dance. He would let loose. And “Let Loose”  is what he would name the lesson. A very hard lesson to begin on since it was rather hard for Freddy to let loose, always on the ready for someone to come and pick on him. Plus, his cartiledge only let him thrash around and he would get disoriented. Ray paid no mind, he went on with his own trance and did not take the time to look over even once.

And this lesson lasted a little longer than a month. Freddy was not sure what was being gauged. He did not seem to be tested on anything yet, like the teachers did to him at the academy. You were tested for feeding there, for swimming, for living! Ray would give a short command and let Freddy be for the rest of the time. And then he would command him to go home. Every once in a while he would say odd things like, “The water is free. The water does not flow straight while it runs over land, but it makes the greatest canyons”. Freddy wouldn’t know what these words like ‘canyon’ meant but Ray seemed in awe as he said them so Freddy pictured big, grand. Ray sounded like a completely different creature while he talked sometimes but Freddy didn’t think all that much on it. If the teacher needed this to be understood, he’d probably let Freddy know, is all Freddy thought.

The next lesson took the two into the homes of the little creatures living on the floor. Freddy never questioned aloud but during this time he would wonder when they would move further to the surface, to where there were big things and big lessons to go along with them. Big stuff. Great White type stuff. Ray never told of the next lesson. He never let on where this was leading them or that Big Things were even going to be in the future. “Look at this rock here Freddy. What do you see? What do you really see?” Ray would ask these things over and over. “Rock”, “sea urchin”, “pink coral”, “rock”, Freddy would say. That is what he would see. Ray did not say much of these answers. He was indifferent to them, they were plankton in his face. He kept at it. Each day along the way to school and hours after the school day, Freddy would describe objects and small sea life on the ocean floor. It became a slow torture almost but Freddy just slipped into his Oh Well zone and things were all right. “Rock”.

But then one day, after school, the old stingray took Freddy to a stretch of dipped ocean floor. As Freddy began listing off objects, something extraordinary happened: they would change. In puffs of smoke the rock would become a coral, and then a rock again. “What do you see now, kid?!” Ray shouted, laughing that laugh of his. “Tell me exactly what it is you see!” Nothing was concrete all of a sudden. Rocks were not rocks, they were clouds or sand or seaweed, things other than rocks. Something began to clutch at Freddy’s stomache, maybe the days vegetarian lunch. Things were closing in around him and he began to involuntarily twirl in a tight circle. He was pushed out of realms he thought he knew. “A rock is not always rock, kid. Life is never what you see it as, it’s always changing, like the currents of the sea.” Ray glided over to a rock and dipped his wing around it. Bringing it up, it began to change and shift and swirl into the color and texture of his wing. “This is an octipus, not a rock like you called it earlier.” He placed it back on the ocean floor, did an about face, and started swimming to who-knows-where. Freddy got a hold on himself. He watched the octipus stretch out its tenticles and reach across the sand, pulling itself away and finally disappearing into thin air. He didn’t know what was happening or what he should think but something new was pushing his thoughts around. He followed the trail of his teacher, subconsciously wondering if it really was a trail and if Ray really was his teacher or even if Ray was Ray.

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JAWS Again..Again JAWS

I’m a little confused on the name Jaws, was that the name of the shark in the movie or just the name of the movie? Make it nice and simple, easy to remember? JAWS. More immediate in caps. So, where was this story heading? …

Freddy could not studder. He could not slur. If he could open his mouth at all, the vomit would have come out into a cloud in this nice, cold ocean blue. Maybe it would scare the sting ray-apparently named Ray, how original- and have him believe some voodoo was going on with the green poofing and what not. But, no, probably not. So Freddy remained feeling smaller than he ever had, swaying in front of this old, washed-up creature. And the creature laughed. And he laughed. And laughed.

Laughing was something Ray was known for. These laughs would get in, crawl all around your spine, and sit heavy in your chest, a sense of respect forming like an after taste.  Hanging out in dark waters with the roughest of the ruffians, teaching them vitally important death techniques you could not pay to learn, was a little something else he was notorious for. He would bark and jab, using only his flat wings and stinger to demonstrate. But the lessons would sink in for he was graceful and tactful, and his words could paint huge pictures any sea animal could interact with.  He led no gang but gangs wanted him; what they couldn’t make up their minds about was why they wanted him. To kill him for physically enhancing their enemies or to lead their own gangs so they could kill those enemies. This was not an easy or even purposeful way of living but Ray loved it, loved it with every ounce of his very small, rubber-like being. He didn’t necessarily care about results, he had no goals or aspirations, he just had a very loud voice coming from his gut that he had become quite friendly with. Mix in a subtle boredom of all living things and you’ve got Ray.

But in the past few months Ray the Stingray had noticed and  become curious of a certain mild-mannered, phenomenon of the deep. He was curious in the way Freddy defied who he was destined to be. The defiance was involuntary! With so much violence in the waters, so much hatred filtered through hierarchies, so many goddamned bullies, how did this exist? The Great White is the chosen king of the sea, isn’t he? Row upon row of razor sharp teeth just for backup, growth allowed to keep going until hitting the 20 ft mark, weight cashing in around 2, 500 lbs. These things were built to kill. Rip, gnaw, slash, blood, death..death..death: these words commanded the Great White psyche. Growing up meant embodying, becoming these words. And sting rays were meant to be eaten by them, actually. Oh, very much so. A mere midnight munch. But as Ray noticed the trek Freddy made to school every day and back from his favorite stool in the King Crab Bar, a slow sense of fascination was stirring. A feeling of interest, so foriegn was this feel that Ray didn’t acknowledge it. He started to think of the kid in terms of a project. What could ‘it’ do for him? What was he going to do with him, such a seemingly lost cause. And what he really, really didn’t want to aknowledge was the fact that this kid very much reminded him of, well, himself when he was his age. In total honesty, Freddy was exactly like Ray when he was younger. Those years were locked away and given a sort of amnesia treatment, so Ray was for the most part unable to pinpoint the real reason why he needed to talk to this kid. Train him in the least.

“Kid, there’s one thing in this world you gotta know. You gotta know you, and you don’t know you at all. Do me a small favor and listen to me kid. I want you to listen to all I have to tell you in the next coupl’a months. And it’s not gonna be much, so you only listen once, you hear me? You got a probelm, you ask me about it, ok? You ask me about it, I’ll fix it, you don’t ask me ever again. Son, I’ve heard about you. I know that right now you’re nothing, and I know that I’m gonna fix that. If you’ll listen.”

Freddy stared for a bit. He thought for a bit. Not many thoughts, but they were racing at high death speeds he hadn’t known they could reach. He was scared, not cocky like most kids his age. Charlie would’ve eaten this sting ray by now, one of Freddies thoughts had declared. And what would the kids think if they saw this conversation? They would have their jokes cut out for them for the next few years, that was for sure. Freddy, peeing himself over a tiny sting ray hovering like a small speck above his snout. But they didn’t know! The look of murder that was in that stingrays eyes. The old, scratchy, but booming all the same, voice he let out at Freddy. He felt like he was about to make a deal with the devil.


“Alright, do me a favor and skip school for today. We’ll figure something out tomorrow. ” While Freddy followed, somehow, somewhere, maybe it was in his soul? He began to feel right about this. He was starting to feel somehow that this was a good thing. Shaking and quivering was what he was still doing. But, there was a rightness to it. And as Ray led, somewhere inside where there used to be a small patch of anger and hate, so vile and rotting for so long, it was now becoming a little faint. Almost as if it wanted to leave. Ray didn’t feel it of course, but it was something anyway.

And so there was much teaching.


Ok, this story is going somewhere. It’s just going there in snippits. But it will be done soon!

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Dramatic Death

Alright, yes, I know. I just started some weird shark story and I’m totally procrastinating finishing it….but the ending has not yet come to me and so I’m-a-gonna just write some crap about something else. Sorry prompt writer, I’m sort of letting you down. Although I haven’t seen you in these parts for quite some time so you probably won’t mind…

Prompt: You are dying a really dramatic death. What are you going to say, to whom?

Wooow, nice job prompting. Very nice, very nice indeed. But why must I think on my own death? It’s very sunny out today, it doesn’t seem like a death day.

“Good god…good GOD! I think I’m dying! No! I’m not thinking it now, I just am dying! Oh the horror of an unlived life! I can feel it now! MY LIFE IS FLASHING BEFORE MY EYES. So much flashing, so..much…flashing. Yes! I feel my soul, I think it’s starting to leave my body! Come back, soul! Oh the injustice, it should not have been, nor should it ever be this dreadful! Oh, icecream man, grant the last wish of this lady you see before you, as the remnants of a brilliant soul cling to this body! Let me rest easy in these moments near the end and get me one of those strawberry icecream bars, the ones dipped in nuts. And dear, as my breath is beginning to fail me I say unto you, let me leave this world with the same amount of change in my pocket that I have come to you with! Oh icecream man! It began, and now it is done, this life of mine. And I leave you now.” And yeah, I’ll make sure to kinda slump over, grab at my heart, fall to my knees. I’ll fall face up! And I’ll shut my own damn eyes so you don’t have to. And while we’re waiting, I’ll finish my icecream bar..but I’ll keep my eyes shut just in case! Aw, and then after I finish the icecream I’ll let my tongue fall out of my mouth like in the old movies! Haven’t seen that maneuver in so long!

Thanks Prompt Writer. You have opened my eyes yet again…

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Jaws Prompt ‘Oh You Better Believe We’re Going There Again’

Alright, I’m calling on my sorry ass to get a move on and finish this fish story. If you’re just tuning in: I am answering a prompt (Explain why Jaws eats the people. Make me pity him.) in the form of a story for completely no reason at all. Cheers.


When will Mother realise we aren’t meant to be here? Freddy followed the lines in the rubber skin of the whales. He followed those lines where they began a gentle circling around the eyes to run down near the mouth. From there they arched across the belly stretching so confidently, he was sure, all the way to the very tip of the tail. Ah, oh well. No changing her mind now. If he could just fit in somehow. If he could just show his stuff, make them stop, make them see. All those sharks who grew up on whale babies and rubber tires, he would make them all see. Freddy pulled his gaze away from the little whales that were now grouping with their mothers. He was now trying to fight the bile threatening to pool up in his mouth. What kind of shark are you?!

Just look at you kid. Just look at ya.” The unexpected company that was now talking from some corner of the ocean made Freddy very uneasy, very uneasy indeed. In fact the bile did not threaten to pool anymore, it just went ahead and pooled.

“Good god kid! You are pitiful!” The voice was a rather gravelly voice. It spat of years of heavy smoking (if underwater creatures could be capable of such things) and drunken bar room rants. The rage in it was unnecessary but so huge that at the moment, Freddy was so very sorry he had been born. It must be the Elders was his first thought. The Elders were the most wretched of all sharks and they feasted on the mightiest of men, Freddy remembered his mother telling him during nights before bed. So this was it. Someone had called to the Elders to get rid of Freddy once and for all. Must have been Charlie or Sam or Dan, Freddy thought.

“Well, don’t just float there like a dumbass, kid. Face your opponent goddamnit!” And then there was a sting on Freddy’s fin, like a pretty bold knock at the door. As he turned to do as he was told, a second sting was raging across his eyes and through his head. The wind was gone from him now, his body was becoming rigid with fear. Four stings and four bloody soars later, Freddy was finally shown his attacker.

“The names Ray. Seems you can’t handle my Sting.” To watch a sting ray laugh is a very odd thing. And to do so all the while knowing  that you, a Great White, have just been charged, battled, and defeated by one-a sickly looking one- is an even odder thing.


To be continued!! HAHA

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Jaws Prompt. Oh yeah, We’re Goin’ There.

Wow. Two posts in two days. What a very boring week this is turning out to be…

Prompt: Explain why jaws eats the people. Make me pity him.

Prompt writer, you are trying to make me write evil things…


The People: Eat us, Jaws. Just eat us.

And the rest is history.

Alright, alright. That was just unacceptable. Ahem! Mommy made me mash my m n ms on Molly. Getting my typing hands ready. They are getting ready. Steady..steady. They are almost in shape. Gotta place their thinking caps on. Tiny little thinking caps. So cute. Annnd..Ready.

It was an average day. A day in which, as usual, Freddy didn’t want to go to the Underwater Acadamy. But he couldn’t tell his mother. Freddy’s mother, you see, was the head of the academy and if he was to tell her about the numerous bullies she was helping get into college, she’d probably have a nutty. Maybe all over him. And so the cap at the end of the bed was slowly placed on. Fin slippers next. Freddy figured that if he planned his morning rituals with precision and careful attention to slowing down the processes, he could miss a certain number of bullies each morning. Not all, but some. There were Charlie and Sam and Dan, he missed if he slipped through the school doors by 8:05. And then there was Jilly and Jan if he could juuuust make it in after 8:10. The optimal time was 8:20 but by then he would have missed 5 minutes of class already. Oh well, Freddy said to that.

 Oh well was Freddy’s favorite phrase. On any number of occasions, during mostly any activities, you could catch young Freddy in the grips of the Oh Well philosophy. And this was a bit of an odd philosophy to be adopted by the member of the murderous Great White Shark family. Oh yes. Huge crooked teeth protruding out at all angles! Black, beady lifeless eyes that would send you straight to hell and out the other end if you were to just glance near their vicinity!  He looked the part alright, but sadly he couldn’t play it. Freddy the Failure was the nickname, among others. Ah, but Freddy was a peaceful little guy. No back cartilage but a shark you could trust with a kitten or a glass light bulb for that matter.  Freddy’s mom had decided to park herself and her son somewhere near the middle of the big Atlantic Ocean, the epicenter of the shark educational system. All of the best schools. Coral reef so upscale, Freddy’s mom had to forget all about her poor family background just to try and believe in this place. Being Head of the Underwater Academy can get you places, Places with a capital P. And so it was in this Place that Freddy morphed Freddy the Failure. Sharks were nothing if they could not catch their own feed by the early ages. They were nothing if they were too compassionate to kill or at least too shy to explain their reasoning in not doing so.

Ah, but today. As I stated earlier, it began a very average, sad and lonely day. Freddy timed it so he would arrive 2 minutes after the late bell, which would end up alright since he remembered to leave his books strewn about his desk the day before causing the illusion of his presence. He’d pretend he had gotten in early but had been in the men’s room during attendance. Score. Mother had gotten in very early and was too busy managing the morning nothings to notice her son’s ingenius. Double score. So the swimming was going pleasantly. The plankton going about the business of being rather thick and at the bottom of the food chain, were swimming in slow circles. Whales here and there, would say their low hellos. Freddy liked passing the whales. He could feel their huge vibrations and oddly enough, they would ease him before the tormenting school day.


This is becoming a gigantic post. This is becoming a freaking novel, jeez. Think I’ll leave it here for now and pick up when I don’t want to be so lazy….

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Prompt ‘Oh My God, It’s Prompt Time’

First off, I have to give a ton of credit to the author of this prompt. It should be stated and noted that the wonder, verve, and creativity herein was caused by the phenomenon of this prompt writer’s brain. Unfortunately, the writer is hidden and mysterious, like the Phantom of the opera.

Prompt: You are this red marker. Why did you just stain my finger?

This prompt just speaks to me. Just speaks so many wonderful things. It’s philosophical slant causes the reader to undergo serious meditations on who they really are. And how they contribute to this universe. In a world so full of brutality and confusion its no small feat to come to a conclusion concerning who you are!

I am this red marker. Alright, in all the colors, you had to pick red? If it was green, I’d know why I stained your finger. Blue, oh yeah! Purple, c’mon!!! It’s the staining champ! But red. Red? It’s the color of apples and I don’t see apples as having any evil intent. The lead color in the rainbow. The opening act to a lovely show. It’s the color of Little Red Riding Hood’s …hood.  There’s no way that girl could choose an angry color! Actually, I forget what she was like but you get the drift.

I am having a crisis. I am experiencing contradictions.

On the other hand, you’ve got the red material the matadors use to piss off the bulls. You’ve got red tomatoes thrown at failing performances. And you’ve got red, bloody murder!! You see red when you are just so angry you could tear someones head off which, in turn, creates a red flush in your face, causing people to point and laugh only making you more red…and, depending on your temperment, causes a fist fight, ending in probably the spill of even more red all over your face.

Red is angry. If I’m red, then I’ve been pissed since the day that ray of light decided to bounce off that prism and make me. And then they had the nerve to throw me into a marker. I could have been anything but I came out a piece o’ plastic! I had no other choice than to stain you. It was my destiny. And so it was yours. What a terrible twist of fate that brought our paths together on that day.


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Prompt No Number

Alright, this is a bit of a dismal prompt, I gotta say. But what’s written’s gotta get answered…

Prompt: Somebody’s got their finger on the button that ends the world. What are you going to say?

“Well there buddy, looks like you got the winning ticket.”

“Who the hell are you and your connections that you can get a piece of equipment that can blow the world? Damn!”

“Wanna kinda kindly remove that finger yonder?”

“Deviate from thy deceitful plan!”


Yeah, I think it’d probably be the last one. Or maybe this one:

“SHIT.” I think that fully captured the intensity of the moment. What a sick and twisted prompt! What a horribly disgusting thing to plan for! I feel like Spock when the Romulans destroyed his home planet…except no! I’m going to die too! How despicable.

Onto the next prompt.

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